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Manuscript Submissions

English-language submissions to Gwasg Carreg Gwalch

Gwasg Carreg Gwalch receives a large number of typescripts from authors who hope we will publish their work. However, we publish only around fifteen English-language titles per year! You can see, therefore, that this is a very competitive area.

Reading these guidelines carefully will not guarantee that we will publish your work, but it will help you to focus on the task of Preparing your proposal.

Gwasg Carreg Gwalch looks forward to receiving well-researched, intelligent and readable non-fiction with a strong emphasis on Wales’ heritage and history, crafts, myths and legends, traditions, place-names, and proverbs and idioms. We also publish guide books and regional books.

Our target audience includes:

  • those who have lived here for many years and enjoy finding out more about where they live;
  • Welsh-language learners;
  • people with Welsh roots living outside Wales;
  • those who have recently moved here to live;
  • visitors to Wales, including those from Europe and further afield.

You can get a general idea of the kinds of books we have published by studying this website, but this is not an exhaustive list.

We will also consider short fiction for children – again, with a strong Welsh thread. Please avoid the ‘it could be anywhere’ factor. If the ‘Welsh thread’ is simply characters with Welsh names, it will not be sufficient. There must be a ‘sense of place’, and the story must be insightful about Welsh culture and life.

Preparing your proposal

Please read these guidelines very carefully. They will help you to prepare your proposal to Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.

We do not accept proposals by email or on CD. We require hard copy, typed on A4 paper, accompanied by the items listed in Submissions guidelines.

Please remember that consideration of your proposal may take time. In publishing, some months are much busier than others!

If your proposal is rejected, your materials will be returned to you – as long as you have enclosed a large stamped addressed envelope, with the correct postage on it.

If after looking at your proposal we wish to see more of your work, we will then request a full hard copy and a CD.

Remember, though, that publishing is not just a matter of an author sending in a proposal and the book landing up in the shops! There are many processes between proposal and publication, and sometimes it can take as long as two years. Patience is an essential virtue!

Submissions Guidelines

We require, initially, a proposal – that is:

  • A one or two-page synopsis of your book, and Chapters One and Two, complete.
  • A contents page, chapter by chapter, for the whole book.
  • A rough idea of illustrations: photos, diagrams, tables, etc – which would be needed, and how many of these are your own work.
  • What is the working title – this should convey a sense of the book.
  • What is the target audience for the book? For whom are you writing? Will there be any overseas interest? How does it differ from other publications in the same field?
  • If your book is accepted for publication, how long would it take you to complete it?
  • Your CV, and full contact details.

You should enclose a large stamped addressed envelope, marked clearly PROPOSAL, with correct postage for return of the typescript (please weigh and stamp before posting to us!).

Please also enclose a small stamped addressed envelope for our letter acknowledging receipt of the proposal.

Your proposal will then be sent to our English-language Editor, who will acknowledge receipt immediately.